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Bossa Nova #1 - a la Machado

Bossa Nova #1 - a la Machado

An intro to chords and comping in the bossa nova style.

Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith
Nothing is more comforting than a Bossa Nova rhythm on a nylon-string guitar.

Celso Machado is the guitarist from Brazil. He has a large output of works for classical (nylon-string) guitar by itself or in combination with other instruments, particularly the flute.

One of my students is a big João Gilberto fan, and she asked if we could look at South American styles. To help her and the online community, I decided to tryout Soundslice to create a short and accessible example.

You can check it out below but I suggest you access the “full version” for a better experience. On Soundslice you have options to loop, show the fretboard, change the speed, enable a metronome, record your version to share, or leave comments. (Please follow me there, as well!)

If you like this style, check out my flute and guitar ensemble, GS Duo, perform a piece by Celso Machado entitled, Choro sem lagrimas from Sambamar.

GS Duo

Where should we go next? 🤔