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My Rock Heroes Show Up Again

My Rock Heroes Show Up Again

These four guitarists have appeared on the cover of Guitar World Magazine 79 times!

Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith
Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Metallica, and Hendrix.

Guitar World just published a short post listing their “Big 4” from the last 40 years. These four guitarists have appeared on the cover of GW 79 times! Congrats to Guitar World Magazine for celebrating 40 years serving the world with rad guitar news. #GuitarWorld40

I remember being 12 years old and going to Publix with my mother and every time, I floated away from her shopping cart for one reason: the guitar magazines. I made my way into the magazine aisle to flip through pages to see my future guitar heroes.

Seeing Jimmy Page’s cool stance with a Les Paul down to his knees on the front cover of Guitar World made me feel star-struck. I saw him before hearing him. But when I first heard Black Dog, I did not wait a second before begging my dad to buy the Early Days tablature book from the local music store in DeLand, FL.

Early Days. The Best of Led Zeppelin Volume One.
Early Days. The Best of Led Zeppelin Volume One.

Particularly in my garage band days during high school and at Stetson University, the other guitarists in the Big 4 were a HUGE part of my study. There were many late nights at Daytona Beach’s Bike Week when my rock band played Zeppelin, EVH, and Hendrix. Ah…good times, bad times.

Metallica also has a special place in my heart. I was 11 years old when I had my first guitar lesson. My teacher arrived at my mom’s house with a small Crate amp, a Jackson electric guitar, and a Metallica tab book, and our first lesson (for little me) was the song, One.

Takeaway: What NOT to teach for the first guitar lesson.

Stay tuned for future website additions where I will demonstrate electric guitar riffs and explain how they’re constructed—with music, video, and score.

Meanwhile, check out the new tracks I added to Dr. Jon's Electric Guitar Playlist containing my favorite tracks by today’s Big 4.

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