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The Dialogue and Their First Single, “Papillon”

The Dialogue and Their First Single, “Papillon”

Steaming now on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith

I am proud to present The Dialogue and their first single, “Papillon.”

As a student of classical music throughout college, I was never taught how to approach commercial music. Words like "music industry" were foreign to all three of my degrees.

However, underneath this education, I had a burning desire to write, record, and produce original music for the mainstream world—regardless of genre or style.

Projects like this give me a hands-on approach to living as an independent artist. From production and photography to copyrights and publishing to distribution and marketing, there is a lot to do. But, I’m learning that it’s not rocket science, as hard as playing the classical guitar, or writing a dissertation.

Here are a few pictures from behind-the-scenes during the making of Papillon.

The Dialogue is a band led by my wife, Dr. Angela Galestro, and good friend, Paul Cuevas. As I hear the songs they co-write, it inspires me to imagine sounds and mixes I want to produce. It is becoming an incredibly fun passion-project which I hope evolves into something spectacular and meaningful to music fans that come our way.

Streaming now on Spotify, Apple Music, and anywhere you listen to music. Also, check out this beautiful lyric video on YouTube. If you like the group and want to stay in the loop, you can sign up for their mailing list here.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening and stay tuned for upcoming releases.



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🦋 Papillon (single) is out now! ⬇️

Dr. Jon wears many hats. By day, he is a performing artist, guitarist, music teacher, and college professor. By night, he is a music producer, and CEO of an independent record label, Glaize Avenue Studios. You can hear him with GS Duo and The Dialogue. He writes a blog to inform the public about his latest projects as well as teach various topics about music. To find him on your favorite social media platform, click here for a page of links.